Read the Prologue and First Two Chapters of Flight of Hope


Just a reminder, if you haven’t read any of The Gamayun Prophecies, The first ebook, Call of Affliction, is permanently free at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Wattpad, and Goodreads.

For a little teaser of the beginning of the new fourth book, Flight of Hope, click the link below to get the PDF.

Flight of Hope Prologue-Chapter 2

Flight of Hope Releases Thursday!


I know, I’ve made you wait longer than normal for both news of the next book, and for the book itself.  I’ve been working like a madwomen to get it out in June as promised, and I’m just squeaking it in.  The fourth book in The Gamayun Prophecies, Flight of Hope, will be released this Thursday June 30.

Stay tuned for an excerpt from the book, and links to where to get your copy.

Make Overs!

In Crown of Sacrifice, our main characters are in hiding, which meant they had to alter their appearances. No more cashmere and silk for Alex and Harper.  Sasha had to give up Levi’s for the first time in over a century.  Galine finally got to wear something besides scrubs, and Kat found out she could annoy her sister with just a few wardrobe changes.  I’ve put together another Pinterest board so you can see the before and after of their transformations.

Free Stuff!

Well folks, I released a new book this week, and you know what that means–free stuff! Like with the release of Wings of Ash, the goodies will be threefold. First off, I have once again made the first ebook in The Gamayun Prophecies, Call of Affliction, completely free.  Even better, this time it’s permanently free.  Yep, you read that right.  Not for a limited time, forever. Plus, this time you can get it wherever you like to buy your books, not just Amazon.  However, a note to International readers:  Amazon doesn’t really want you to ever make your book permanently free, so they make it very difficult to do so.  I was able to wrangle them into making it free on the US site, but not on their international sites.  So, if you’d like a copy and you have a Kindle, I’d suggest getting it from Smashwords, which will let you have a free mobi (Kindle format) version.  If you don’t have an e-reader at all, you can still download a PDF of the book at Smashwords or at Goodreads.  It’s a great way to try the series without having to pay a cent.  Or, if you have a skeptical friend you’ve been trying to get to read it, now they have no excuse either🙂


Secondly, I will once again being doing a Goodreads giveaway for Crown of Sacrifice. That will start April 6 and run for a month.  You can enter for a chance to win one of ten signed paperback copies. I’ll post a link on the website as soon as it is live.

Finally, for all of you on my mailing list, instead of just giving away free copies to a few of you, I decided this time you should all get something.  So, if you are currently on my mailing list, or if you sign up before April 15, I’ll send you some coupon codes so you can get 50% off either Wings of Ash or Crown of Sacrifice at Smashwords.

Enjoy the free!


Pre-orders Are Ready for Crown of Sacrifice


If you’d like to pre-order your ebook copy of Crown of Sacrifice, I am happy to report that you can do that now.  I appreciate everyone’s patience as I have been learning how pre-orders work and how to make them work faster at each retailer.  My hope is that for the next book, Flight of Hope, which is due in June, I might be able to have the pre-orders available as early as April.  Click the link for your favorite seller below.



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