Crown of Sacrifice Cover Reveal & Release Date


It’s March, and you know what that means–book three of The Gamayun Prophecies is coming out.  Crown of Sacrifice will be released Monday March 28.  I hope to have all the pre-order links ready for you in a few days time.  Now that I’m offering the ebooks at multiple retailers, they tend to appear at different times.  Once I have them all, I’ll post them here.  Once again, the paperback will only be at Amazon to keep the price low.

Resplendent Media provided me another gorgeous cover.  This time no boys, just the ladies dukin’ it out.  This book finds Galine and Sera going head-to-head, so I thought it only fitting that they should get the cover.  We also get some new locales as the action moves beyond North Carolina and New York to Chicago and a yacht in the Caribbean Sea. For a full description of the book, read below.  A spoiler warning, though.  If you haven’t yet finished reading Wings of Ash, it might have more info that you want.

Galine thought she’d have some time to collect herself and heal after Sasha put a hole in Sirin’s chest. While she knew her immortal enemy wasn’t gone for good, she had hoped to at least take a breather. But before Sirin even makes it to her sickbed, Sera takes up her mother’s quest to hunt down the Gamayun. Sera isn’t just after Galine, though, but is furious that her brother Alex has joined the Gamayun’s cause. She’s determined to return him to the fold before their mother wakes up and demands retribution for Alex’s betrayal.

Sera isn’t Galine’s only problem, though. She still doesn’t know where Sirin’s demon hawks are taking the souls they steal. In order to find out, they must split up—Galine and Sasha heading to Chicago and Harper, Alex, and Katja to Brazil. Each journey brings danger, but Galine’s allies could be their own worst enemies. What does Sasha know about Sera he’s not telling? Will Katja ever forgive Galine? Why has Harper grown so distant from Alex?

The mystery, action, and romance of the The Gamayun Prophecies continues in this third book of the series.


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