Resources for Writers

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This page lists books about the craft of writing or the business of publishing that I found helpful.  Each book mentioned has a brief description of its merits and whether I felt it was worth buying as a reference.  If it was just a good one-time read from the library, I note that, too.  In general, I don’t write bad reviews, so if I didn’t like a book, it just doesn’t make the list.  If I’ve blogged about the book in greater detail, a link to the post is included.


This section is a collection of articles I have found helpful in my journey as a writer. I will try to keep this section as updated as possible, but if you feel an article has become irrelevant, please let me know.


I can’t possibly list all the great websites for writers out there, but I’ll try to hit the big ones that every writer should know about.  I’m happy to take suggestions here, too.


I follow a lot of fantastic blogs, and I genuinely enjoy reading them.  However, I’m going to be stingy with the listing in this section.  If a blog wrote a good post or two, you’re more likely to find those in the articles section.  This listing is reserved for must-read blogs that consistently provide excellent writing and publishing advice in an entertaining fashion.

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