The Writer Doubt Epidemic: Why it hits us all, and how to strike back

As I’m in the middle of intensive edits, Victoria’s post couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s worth a read for any of you, like me, that have ever felt you’re writing meaningless drivel. Lie down and let the feeling pass. Then get up and start writing again.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1159639_doubtI have been doubting myself as a writer lately. A lot. Specifically, I’ve been doubting the quality of my fiction. Wondering if I did things completely wrong.

I do that from time to time. It goes in cycles. Working on “Writing for You: A Novelist’s Guide to the Craft of Fiction” has really got me thinking about the mechanics of creative writing.

As an MA in literature studies who completed doctoral coursework, I know I can pick apart literature. I can describe good writing and good fiction. I was trained for years to do that. That’s how my blog evolved to be what it is. And I wonder:

Am I a case of “Do as I say, not as I do?”

A case of “Those who can’t do, teach?”

I’d like to think I’m not. I have plenty of good reviews that say I’m not, though I do have some…

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