Explore Galine’s Durham

For those of you reading Call of Affliction that might not be familiar with Durham or even North Carolina, I wanted help you picture the places and settings in the book.  I’ve started a Pinterest account, and from time to time I’ll create new boards to help you visualize what I was seeing as I wrote the book.  Sometimes they are taken straight from my vision boards and notes.

Today, we’re exploring Durham and the specific places in it that Galine visits.  If you’d like to see the board, it can be found here: https://www.pinterest.com/lara6922/galines-durham/  If you haven’t read all of the book, I would consider the spoiler level to be low.  You’ll learn a few things, but nothing major that I think would ruin your experience.  If you can’t stand to know anything before it happens, though, then wait to explore the boards until after you’ve finished the book.



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