Wings of Ash Cover Reveal & Release Date


I am pleased to announce that the second book in The Gamayun Prophecies, Wings of Ash, will be released on Monday January 18 in paperback and ebook.  In fact, if you would like to pre-order the ebook, you can do so already by clicking here.  Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to pre-order the paperback.

Thanks again to Aria at Resplendent Media for a wonderful cover.  I loved how she not only was able to give Alex blond highlights and hair with obvious product, but managed to have Galine flipping her hair in his face on the cover.

Here’s a little teaser of what the second book is about:

Galine Karsavina knew Alex was trouble from the moment she met him. Now the evil genius with his too handsome face and toothpaste commercial smile is scheming against her. Alex is whispering lies in the ears of her sister and best friend Harper. Unfortunately, Galine has been telling lies of her own for months to keep her identity as the Gamayun a secret. Who will Katja and Harper choose to believe?

Even more troubling, Galine is beginning to suspect there’s more to Alex than just his frat boy exterior. Why is everyone but her so drawn to him and eager to do what he says? Galine struggles to unravel the mystery of Alex alone, determined to keep her distance from Sasha. But in her effort to keep the man she loves safe, has she cut herself off from the one person who might be Alex’s match?

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