Kristen LambKristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb is a hybrid author who  has published traditionally and then went the self publishing route with her most recent book.  She’s also worked as an editor, so she gives a lot of great advice.  Her blog is specifically for writers, and she even started a whole support network for writers called WANA (We Are Not Alone).  I would slog through her posts just for the expertise, but they also happen to be hysterical.

Rachelle GardnerRachelle Gardner

Rachelle is a literary agent with Books & Such.  While not as funny as Kristen, her blog is chuck full of expert advice.  Don’t just read the new stuff, either.  Search her archives and her popular posts link.  Her resources were invaluable when I was trying to figure out the best way to query an agent.

Grammar GirlGrammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty (with a name like that, is it any wonder she goes by Grammar Girl?) writes a blog to help writers puzzle out those sticky situations like lay versus lie.  She also does a podcast.  A word of caution: her blog has ads that can get annoying, including videos that play themselves.  She’s a great one to follow through a reader so you don’t have to mess with that nonsense.

nathan bransford logoNathan Bransford

Nathan’s logo simply says author, but he’s also a former agent and a current social media director, so he basically knows everything.  The good news for us is that he’s not stingy with the information.  His left sidebar is a wealth of links on all things writing and publishing.  Concentrate on all that great free stuff, instead of being depressed at how young he looks.  After reading his resume, I was really hoping for a balding middle-aged guy.

Writer Unboxed FoundersWriter Unboxed

Started by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton, who where just aspiring novelists at the time, WU has grown to include an impressive list of contributors.  They have so many experts writing posts, in fact, it seems just silly to not subscribe.


joe wikertJoe Wikert’s Digital Content Strategies

Yeah, I know, even the title sounds boring.  Wikert covers a lot of important publishing industry news.  In a rapidly changing marketplace, authors need to keep up with new developments.  As an artist, I would love to ignore blogs like this, but as a woman with a business degree, I know that’s not wise.

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  2. […] Also, I added another title to the books page and four more blogs. […]

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